Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can you arrange other entertainment such as bands and dancers?
A:  Yes. I also play in a Celtic-Folk Band called McPherson's Rant, who may also be available to enhance your event. The band consists of six members and several other instruments including the fiddle, mandolin, Irish Bouzouki, bodhran drums, guitars, bass, keyboards and snare drum. We play a variety of English, Irish, Scottish and East Coast Music. You will recognize some of our music from Great Big Sea, The Pogues, Spirit of the West and The Irish Descendents. Our site can be viewed at

Through my association with fellow performers, I may be able to arrange for the appearance of Highland Dancers, Irish Step Dancers, Clog Dancers, additional pipers or perhaps an entire Pipe Band.

Q:  Do you play other instruments?
A:  Yes, I play the Walsh Small Pipes, which is a quieter version of the bagpipes in the key of A. I also play several whistles and electronic bagpipes.

Q:  Do you wear a uniform when you perform?
A:  Yes, I have two kilts including a Muted Blue Stewart and the Erskine tartan, which can be viewed in the photo gallery.

Q:  How much do you charge to play?
A:  My fees are very reasonable.  It depends on the length, involvement and the location of the occasion.  Please call or click for a no-obligation quote.  If you find the quote to be acceptable, you will receive a confirmation letter including my fee, location, date, time and any special requests you may have and this shall become our contract.

Q:  What do you wear under your kilt?
A:  None of your business.  ;-)

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